Dolli De Light is a performer, photographer, artist, and overall goofy nerd. She has been dancing most of her life. Dolli has practice in ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and belly dance. She started dancing because she missed out on one of her favorite rolls due to the inability to dance. Dolli has performed in multiple plays including Charlotte’s Web, where she played Templeton the Rat. For a while, Dolli had quit dance due to lack of confidence but got back into it through dancing at Cybergoth clubs. After regaining her confidence, she started burlesque two years ago. As she is an anime nerd, she mostly does anime related cosplays, but is slowly breaking out into other things. You’ll never know what she will come up with next! Dolli’s goal is to show everyone that they can be themselves no matter what! Live out loud! Be unique! Be you!